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Let's Get College Ready

We are dedicated to providing an exceptional education that prepares students for college and beyond. Our commitment to excellence is reflected in our use of cutting-edge educational tools and resources. Explore how we leverage Amplify ELA, Amplify Science, IXL Math, NWEA, and other enriching resources to empower our students on their journey to college enrollment.

Amplify ELA - Building Strong Foundations in Language Arts: At Paradiso College Preparatory, we believe that language arts are at the core of a well-rounded education. Amplify ELA, our English Language Arts program, is designed to cultivate critical thinking, reading, and writing skills. Here's how we use Amplify ELA to prepare our students for college:

  • Complex Texts: Our students engage with complex texts that challenge them to think critically, analyze information, and extract meaning from a wide range of literary works and non-fiction texts.

  • Meaningful Discussions: Amplify ELA fosters lively classroom discussions where students can explore diverse perspectives, share their insights, and develop their communication skills.

  • Relevance: We emphasize the relevance of language arts to real-world scenarios, helping students understand how strong language skills benefit them in college and beyond.

Amplify Science - Cultivating Scientific Inquiry and Literacy: Our commitment to science education is evident through Amplify Science, our K-8 science curriculum. This program encourages scientific inquiry and literacy and prepares students to excel in college-level science courses:

  • Hands-on Investigations: Students actively engage in hands-on investigations that allow them to explore scientific phenomena and develop critical thinking skills.

  • Digital Tools: Amplify Science incorporates interactive digital tools that bring scientific concepts to life, making learning more engaging and immersive.

  • Real Scientists and Engineers: Through Amplify Science, students learn to think, read, write, and argue like real scientists and engineers, setting the stage for college-level scientific pursuits.

IXL Math - Personalized Math Mastery: Mastery of mathematics is a fundamental component of college readiness. At Paradiso College Preparatory, we utilize IXL Math, a personalized math practice platform, to ensure that every student has a strong foundation in math:

  • Personalization: IXL Math adapts to each student's unique needs, offering personalized math practice that reinforces concepts at the individual's pace.

  • Comprehensive Coverage: Our students have access to a comprehensive range of math topics and exercises, ensuring they are well-prepared for the mathematical challenges they will encounter in college.

  • Mastery-Based Learning: IXL Math promotes mastery-based learning, helping students build confidence and competence in mathematics.

NWEA Testing - Data-Driven Personalized Improvement Plans: Continuous assessment is a cornerstone of our educational approach. NWEA's MAP Growth assessment enables us to evaluate student progress and create personalized improvement plans:

  • Data-Driven Insights: NWEA's assessments provide detailed data that allows us to understand each student's academic journey, from strengths to areas of growth.

  • Personalized Improvement Plans: With this data in hand, we develop personalized improvement plans that address each student's unique needs, setting attainable learning goals.

  • Longitudinal Tracking: We track progress over time to ensure that students are on the right path toward college readiness.

Enriching Educational Resources - Going Beyond the Basics: Our commitment to college preparation extends beyond the core tools. We provide access to a wealth of additional educational resources, including:

  • Interactive Digital Content: Engaging digital resources complement classroom learning, making subjects come alive.

  • Engaging Textbooks: We select textbooks that align with our rigorous curriculum and enhance students' understanding of core subjects.

  • Supplementary Materials: From educational software to supplementary reading materials, we offer a wide range of resources to support our students' academic growth.

By choosing Paradiso College Preparatory, you're providing your child with the tools and resources needed to excel academically and personally. Our commitment to excellence, combined with the power of Amplify ELA, Amplify Science, IXL Math, NWEA, and enriching educational resources, ensures that your child is well-prepared for the journey to college enrollment and a successful future.

Ready to learn more about how we prepare students for college enrollment? Contact us today to schedule a visit, speak with our dedicated staff, and discover the Paradiso College Preparatory difference.