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Enrolling to Paradiso College Preparatory!
Step 1

Filling out the application form for Paradiso College Preparatory located below

Step 2

Create your parent enrollment account and fill in the requrested application information for your child and family. It is important this information is correct and accurate as well as to remember you parent login.

Step 3

After review by the Paradiso College Preparatory Administrator team you will receive and email requesting further information to complete enrollment. This will be things such as student health information, student PEI number, and other things necessary to enroll your child. Be on the lookout for this email!

Step 4

After completing the follow-up registration form and entering all the student's information into the system, your child will move to the pre-enrollment list. The school will contact you to schedule an appointment and complete the enrollment process.

Enroll Now

Apply and enroll in the 2024-2025 school year at any of our campus locations by clicking the button.


Started but need some assistance with the process? Here is some of the most commonly asked questions, and these will be updated as we gather more questions from parents!