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Paradiso College Preparatory Leadership

At Paradiso College Preparatory, we believe that the journey towards academic excellence begins with strong leadership. We are honored to introduce you to our Head of School, Mr. Robert Acosta.

From Mr. Acosta's point of view, the goal of education isn't merely about meeting academic standards. He strongly believes in a holistic approach to education that encourages the development of well-rounded individuals. He is determined to cultivate an environment at Paradiso College Preparatory where students not only excel academically but also grow into responsible, compassionate global citizens.

To achieve vision, Mr. Acosta focuses on four core areas:
  1. Quality Education: Ensuring each student receives a quality, comprehensive education tailored to their individual learning needs.
  2. Innovation: Leveraging innovative teaching methods and technologies to make learning engaging, interactive, and effective.
  3. Inclusivity: Providing an inclusive environment where students from all backgrounds feel accepted, valued, and encouraged to learn.
  4. Community Engagement: Fostering strong relationships with parents, local communities, and educational partners to support student success.
Robert's Journey to Excellence: A Snapshot

Mr. Acosta's name rings a bell in educational circles across the nation. With a stellar career spanning over a decade, he has proven his mettle by turning around schools and introducing innovative programs that have resulted in significant improvements in student outcomes. He holds an unshakeable belief in every child's potential and is committed to the creation of learning environments that foster both academic and personal growth.

Milestones of Achievement

Opened Springfield’s first Dual Language instructional program.

Initial cohort of 376 expanded to 470 students due to high demand.

Achieved highest ELL student academic growth in the NWEA MAP testing.

Played a pivotal role in elevating Renaissance at Hunter’s Creek to an “A” rated school.

Rolled out a new STEAMS program, cultivating 21st‑century skills.

Launched an athletic department, bringing accolades in basketball, soccer, and volleyball.

Under the astute leadership of Robert Acosta, Paradiso College Preparatory is all set to redefine educational standards. His unyielding commitment, profound experience, and innovative vision assure a transformative journey for every student.