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Middle School that Prepares Students for Highschool and Beyond

We use the best educational tools available

We are dedicated to providing a top-tier education for middle school students. Our commitment to excellence is reflected in the innovative tools and curriculum we employ. From Amplify ELA and Amplify Science, which engage students with dynamic learning experiences, to IXL Math, a platform that cultivates mathematical proficiency, we're shaping well-rounded learners. With the NWEA for comprehensive testing, we track progress and ensure individualized growth. Our curriculum is not just tailored—it's uniquely designed to resonate with the vibrant culture and needs of Puerto Rico, enriching our students' educational journey. At Paradiso College Preparatory, we're equipping students with the skills and knowledge to thrive in the 21st century. Explore our offerings and embark on a journey to academic excellence.

Amplify English Language Arts

What is Amplify at Paradiso College Preparatory?

At Paradiso College Preparatory, we are committed to providing the best possible education for our middle school students, and that's why we've chosen Amplify as our English language arts (ELA) program. Amplify isn't just a curriculum; it's a dynamic and transformative approach to learning that combines cutting-edge technology with innovative teaching methods. Amplify ELA is designed to engage, challenge, and inspire our students, setting them on a path to academic excellence.

What Does Amplify Do at Paradiso College Preparatory?

Amplify ELA redefines the way our middle school students experience English language arts. It offers a comprehensive and adaptable curriculum that encompasses a wide range of texts and activities, encouraging students to delve deep into complex ideas and texts. Our program fosters critical thinking, encourages active participation, and nurtures a lifelong love for learning. Amplify ELA helps students develop essential skills in reading, writing, speaking, and listening, not only preparing them for academic success but also equipping them for a future where confident communication and analytical thinking are paramount.

Why Choose Amplify at Paradiso College Preparatory?

Choosing Amplify for your middle school education at Paradiso College Preparatory means choosing a world-class educational experience. Amplify offers a level of personalization that ensures every student receives the support they need to excel. Whether a student is struggling or advanced, our program adapts to meet their individual needs, helping them reach their full potential.

Amplify also recognizes the importance of technology in today's world. We integrate digital experiences seamlessly into our curriculum, teaching students to navigate, evaluate, and create content effectively and ethically. By doing so, we prepare our students for success in a technology-driven society.

Moreover, Amplify is designed to prepare students for life beyond the classroom. We focus on fostering essential skills such as critical thinking, creativity, and effective communication, setting our students on a path to succeed not just in high school but in college, careers, and life.

At Paradiso College Preparatory, we are dedicated to providing the best education possible for our middle school students. Amplify ELA is our partner in achieving this goal. With Amplify, we empower our students to become confident, capable, and curious individuals who are ready to embrace the challenges of the future.

Amplify Science

What is Amplify Science?

Amplify Science is more than just a science curriculum; it's a dynamic and transformative approach to learning that empowers our middle school students to become true scientists and engineers. It's a K–8 science curriculum that is carefully designed to engage students in the wonders of science through hands-on investigations, literacy-rich activities, and interactive digital tools. Amplify Science challenges students to think critically, read deeply, write persuasively, and engage in meaningful scientific discourse.

What Does Amplify Science Do?

Amplify Science revolutionizes the way middle school students experience science education. It brings science to life by presenting students with real-world problems and phenomena that they can explore, investigate, and solve. Through this approach, students not only learn science but also learn how to "do" science. They become active participants in the scientific process, collaborating with peers, discussing their findings, and developing models and explanations. Amplify Science nurtures a genuine love for science and equips students with essential skills that extend beyond the classroom.

Why Choose Amplify Science for Your Child?

Choosing Amplify Science is a commitment to providing the best possible science education. Here's why Amplify Science stands out:

  • Research-Backed: Developed by UC Berkeley's Lawrence Hall of Science, Amplify Science is grounded in research, including the Do, Talk, Read, Write, Visualize approach. This research-based foundation ensures that Amplify Science is effective in fostering deep understanding and excellence among students.

  • Engaging and Effective: Amplify Science's interactive and immersive approach to science education keeps students engaged and motivated. It helps students excel in science content knowledge and encourages them to develop a deep understanding of scientific concepts.

  • Teacher Testimonials: Educators who have used Amplify Science praise its effectiveness in engaging students and helping them visualize complex scientific concepts. The program encourages exploration, critical thinking, and meaningful discussion, making science come alive in the classroom.

  • Flexible and Adaptable: Amplify Science is designed to accommodate diverse teaching and learning styles. It seamlessly integrates hands-on activities, print materials, and digital tools, making it adaptable to various technology resources and teaching preferences.

  • Aligned with Standards: Amplify Science is built to align with the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS), ensuring that students engage with science and engineering practices, master core ideas, and apply crosscutting concepts.

By choosing Amplify Science at Paradiso College Preparatory, you're providing your middle school students with an extraordinary science education that prepares them not only for academic success but also for a future where scientific literacy and problem-solving skills are paramount. Amplify Science inspires curiosity, fosters critical thinking, and empowers students to become the scientists and engineers of tomorrow.

IXL Mathmatics

IXL Math: Empowering Personalized Learning

At Paradiso College Preparatory, we're dedicated to providing our middle school students with a world-class education. To achieve this, we've integrated IXL Math, an innovative and interactive learning platform, into our curriculum. IXL Math empowers our students to take control of their own learning journey by offering a dynamic and personalized educational experience. It's more than just a math program; it's a tool that inspires our students to excel in mathematics with confidence and enthusiasm.

Exploring the IXL Math Dashboard

The IXL Math dashboard serves as a gateway to a world of mathematical exploration. As soon as students sign in, they're greeted by an intuitive dashboard that guides them on their learning path. With clear insights into their progress and engaging opportunities for personalization, our students are motivated to embrace the joy of learning.

Key Features of the IXL Math Dashboard

  • Homepage for Learning: The dashboard is the central hub for IXL Math students. From here, they can seamlessly access a variety of learning resources, including skill practice, diagnostics, awards, and more.

  • Personalized Learning: The dashboard helps students identify what skills they should work on next. Suggestions from their teachers or parents take center stage, ensuring they stay on track with their assignments. Moreover, students can explore a personalized Recommendations wall that offers skills tailored just for them.

  • Progress Tracking: IXL Math allows students to visualize their achievements, motivating them to strive for excellence. Weekly statistics summaries showcase their answered questions and learned skills, while IXL Analytics reports provide in-depth insights into their progress.

  • Celebrating Success: The dashboard encourages students to celebrate their accomplishments. They can view their most recent awards and discover how to unlock new ones, fostering a sense of achievement.

  • Customization: Our students can select from different dashboard themes to express their unique personalities and customize their IXL experience.

  • Competition: For those participating in IXL Leaderboard contests, the dashboard keeps them informed about their rankings and what it takes to claim the top spot.

NWEA - Measuring Student Improvment

Personalized Student Improvement with MAP Growth

At Paradiso College Preparatory, we are dedicated to nurturing the academic growth and success of every middle school student. One of our key tools in achieving this mission is NWEA's MAP Growth assessment, which plays a pivotal role in our educational approach. By administering MAP Growth assessments at regular intervals, we gain continuous, detailed insights into each student's academic journey.

Constant testing with MAP Growth provides us with valuable data that allows us to develop personalized student improvement plans. These plans are tailored to each student's unique strengths and areas of growth. When students take the assessment, we not only measure their current performance but also track their progress over time. This longitudinal data helps us identify trends, strengths, and areas where students may need additional support.

Our educators use MAP Growth results to pinpoint specific skills and concepts that students have mastered and those that require further attention. Armed with this information, we can design targeted interventions, recommend additional resources, and adjust instructional strategies to meet each student's needs effectively.

Furthermore, MAP Growth assessments enable us to set realistic learning goals for every student. These goals are not only attainable but also motivating. When students see their own progress reflected in the data, they become inspired to take charge of their learning journey. It fosters a sense of ownership and empowers them to strive for excellence.

In essence, MAP Growth transforms data into action. It equips our educators with the insights they need to make data-informed decisions, ensuring that no student is left behind. Whether a student is working below, at, or above grade level, MAP Growth helps us chart an individualized path to success.

At Paradiso College Preparatory, we believe that personalized student improvement plans are the cornerstone of academic excellence. With the support of MAP Growth, we are not only tracking progress but also propelling every student toward their full potential.