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What is MAP NWEA? MAP NWEA is a standardized exam that measures students' academic progress. This test is designed so that the difficulty of each question will depend on the response to the previous one (raising or lowering the difficulty level). The scores obtained in MAP allow tracking students' progress throughout their academic career.

How do we use MAP results at Paradiso?

At Paradiso, a class period has been established to address academic gaps in math and language classes. How do we do it? Taking into account the test results, the student's mastery level is determined, for this, teachers use the Common Core Standard curriculum. It reinforces the skills in which students have difficulty (gaps). As students master the skills, they move on to the standards for the next grade level. This pattern is repeated until students reach the corresponding academic level. During the reinforcement process, teachers create peer learning communities taking into account academic level, strengths, and common areas of opportunity.

What results have we obtained?

A steady growth has been observed from the tests administered in the summer to the end of winter (January). We plan to continue this trend to further strengthen students' academic performance and reduce academic gaps.

How do these tests help students in the long term?

• Closing academic gaps • Increasing self-confidence • Creating greater independence and mastery of grade-level skills • Visualizing mastery projections of post-secondary skills