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The Positive Impact of Theater and Arts in Education

Theater and the arts play a fundamental role in the education of students, as they offer numerous benefits that go beyond mere entertainment. These forms of artistic expression can enhance the comprehensive development of young people, stimulating their creativity, fostering empathy, and improving their communication skills. Our curriculum is designed to reinforce skills and address educational gaps through the integration of these disciplines.

In Paradiso, theater class is used to improve students' reading comprehension. By interpreting characters and situations, students develop analysis and synthesis skills, which helps them understand the message of a play or any other literary text.

When students take part in creating a theatrical production, whether by writing the script, designing costumes, or acting, they have the opportunity to express their ideas in an original and unique way. This experience teaches them to think critically and explore different perspectives, contributing to their intellectual development.

The role of Diction in Personal Development

In our theater, art, and music classes, students have the opportunity to work on their diction through vocalization and oral expression exercises. Good diction not only improves the quality of verbal communication but also strengthens the self-confidence of young people.

By interpreting roles and reciting texts in front of an audience, students learn to control their voice, modulate it according to the message they want to convey, and project confidence in their presentations. These skills are useful not only in the academic field but also in everyday life, as clear and effective diction facilitates the social and professional interaction of individuals.

Talent Show " Back to the 80's"

The students of Paradiso College Prep, Arecibo campus, took part in the talent show Back to the 80's. As part of the preparation process, the students developed their costumes and choreographies. The result of their efforts was reflected in their masterful performance. Here we show you a bit of what happened that night at the Barceloneta Theater.