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2024-2025 School Year

With back to school here for the 2024-2025 school year, learn about the various programs and opportunities Paradiso College Preparatory has to offer children.

Highly Effective Spaces

The facilities of Paradiso College Prep Rio Piedras are designed with the purpose of creating a modern and welcoming environment. Departing from the structure of a traditional school, Paradiso has 4 carefully structured floors to enrich the educational experience of our school community.

From the Entrance

Upon entering our facilities, you will be able to see a spacious area, where the school cafeteria is located. Surrounding the cafeteria are the counseling and nursing offices. Elective subject classrooms such as graphic design, music, and theater are also part of this level. Additionally, we have a gym available for both students and school staff.

Highest Technology

On the lower floor, we have the highest technology aimed at fostering creativity in our students. In this digital creation lab, you can find:

  • Mac computers for audio and video development
  • Room for content creation (Podcasts, Vlogs, etc.)
  • Music recording studio
Intentional Spaces

We have created intentional spaces on our second floor that invite gathering. Rooms for rest, socialization, and group study. This structure supports our model that encourages students to share their learning naturally, outside of the classroom. On this floor, you can find rooms dedicated to language development. Our Humanities classroom, designed to resemble a courtroom, is located on this level.

Additionally, the administrative offices are located here, the core of our system. From here, all operations of Paradiso College Preparatory are managed, and decisions are made in favor of our educational community.

Our Rooftop

With a beautiful view of the UPR Tower, it contains an indoor picnic-style courtyard. In this space, students spend their free time, have lunch, and snack periods. Surrounding this space are the classrooms for Science, Mathematics, and Technology.

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