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2023-2024 School Year

With back to school here for the 2023-2024 school year, learn about the various programs and opportunities Paradiso College Preparatory has to offer children.

Technology Is Key To Success
It Starts With Digital Literacy
Chromebooks at Paradiso: Empowering Learning

At Paradiso College Preparatory, each student receives a Chromebook — a powerful tool designed to enhance their educational journey. Chromebooks provide access to the internet, Google Workspace for Education tools (Docs, Sheets, Slides), and a wealth of educational apps. They support online research, cloud storage, and multimedia projects. Additionally, every student gets a Paradiso email, granting them access to the full Google Suite of tools for seamless collaboration and productivity. These lightweight and secure devices are a key part of our commitment to providing a dynamic and tech-savvy learning environment for our students.

RobotLab and Pepper: Igniting Students' Passion for Technology

At Paradiso College Preparatory, we understand the importance of nurturing our students' curiosity and fascination with electronics and technology. That's why we've partnered with RobotLab to introduce an innovative educational curriculum featuring the Pepper robot. This dynamic collaboration not only engages students' imaginations but also lays the foundation for learning coding and programming. With Pepper, students embark on an exciting journey where they explore the world of robotics, develop problem-solving skills, and gain hands-on experience with cutting-edge technology. It's a captivating way to inspire the tech leaders and innovators of tomorrow.

Amplify Science
What is Amplify Science?

Amplify Science is more than just a science curriculum; it's a dynamic and transformative approach to learning that empowers our middle school students to become true scientists and engineers. It's a K–8 science curriculum that is carefully designed to engage students in the wonders of science through hands-on investigations, literacy-rich activities, and interactive digital tools. Amplify Science challenges students to think critically, read deeply, write persuasively, and engage in meaningful scientific discourse.

What Does Amplify Science Do?

Amplify Science revolutionizes the way middle school students experience science education. It brings science to life by presenting students with real-world problems and phenomena that they can explore, investigate, and solve. Through this approach, students not only learn science but also learn how to "do" science. They become active participants in the scientific process, collaborating with peers, discussing their findings, and developing models and explanations. Amplify Science nurtures a genuine love for science and equips students with essential skills that extend beyond the classroom.

IXL Mathmatics
IXL Math: Empowering Personalized Learning

At Paradiso College Preparatory, we're dedicated to providing our middle school students with a world-class education. To achieve this, we've integrated IXL Math, an innovative and interactive learning platform, into our curriculum. IXL Math empowers our students to take control of their own learning journey by offering a dynamic and personalized educational experience. It's more than just a math program; it's a tool that inspires our students to excel in mathematics with confidence and enthusiasm.

Exploring the IXL Math Dashboard

The IXL Math dashboard serves as a gateway to a world of mathematical exploration. As soon as students sign in, they're greeted by an intuitive dashboard that guides them on their learning path. With clear insights into their progress and engaging opportunities for personalization, our students are motivated to embrace the joy of learning.

NWEA - Measuring Student Improvement
Personalized Student Improvement with MAP Growth

At Paradiso College Preparatory, we are dedicated to nurturing the academic growth and success of every middle school student. One of our key tools in achieving this mission is NWEA's MAP Growth assessment, which plays a pivotal role in our educational approach. By administering MAP Growth assessments at regular intervals, we gain continuous, detailed insights into each student's academic journey.

Constant testing with MAP Growth provides us with valuable data that allows us to develop personalized student improvement plans. These plans are tailored to each student's unique strengths and areas of growth. When students take the assessment, we not only measure their current performance but also track their progress over time. This longitudinal data helps us identify trends, strengths, and areas where students may need additional support.

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